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Why You Should Attend Paylink MSME Digital Bootcamp Finale!

The last train is set to move! Are you ready?

The third and last session of the Google-supported Paylink MSME Digital Bootcamp for micro, small and medium enterprises in Nigeria is set for May 20th, 2021. It is in continuation of the first and second in the series which held on March 24th and April 22nd 2021 respectively.  

The last in the series would offer another grand opportunity to learn, firsthand, from Google and Paylink’s finest digital marketing and business sales experts on the latest techniques and tools for entrepreneurial growth and sustenance.

The first two sessions jointly had over 1,000 unique attendees live and more than 7,500 entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners within and outside Nigeria who watched post-event.

Among other benefits, the events exposed participants to Google tools like Google Analytics – how to setup, collate data and harness it for growth, Google Trends – how such data can be infused in brand storytelling and business promotion with seasonal trends, comparative research and keyword search, Google My Business (GMB) – how to setup and optimise brand listing to increase visibility and organic search, and how to leverage digital marketing via social media platforms and email marketing.

They also learnt how they can maximise the diverse features of Paylink to grow their business, including reaching a wider audience, leveraging Paylink to guarantee returning customers, set up as a well-established and respected brand, among many others.

Appreciating the organisers of the knowledge-packed bootcamp, participants stated that they were now confident and better equipped with all they needed to scale their businesses.

Love Chinecherem, who commented during the live event on YouTube, said “I hope to sit down, analyse and strategise my business now. Thanks Team Paylink and Team Google.”

Also impressed by the business tips taught during the training, Yelohunnu Justina Tinuade, said “This is very educating. Thanks for this awesome training.”

You too can be part of the progressive business owners and managers who are building their brands using competitive tools that set them apart and help them maximise the gains of the growing digital economy, sell online, and receive payments through easy-to-use multiple channels. 

To enjoy the above benefits and more, register for free HERE, and catch up on the last two sessions HERE and HERE.

Get onboard for the next session! REGISTER NOW.

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