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Thinking of a funfilled December? You should do these!

Yeah! It is December again!

For once, let’s put aside the troubles of 2020 and talk about something fun. Shall we?

Funfilled or Detty December – that fun way to unwind after the stress of the year. It could be through an event or a series of events. Depending on your budget, you can line up activities from December 1 till January 4 of the following year, or just go along with your choice bouquet of the festive period – Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year.

It is pretty easy to get carried away while having a funfilled December and end up broke or beginning year 2021 with a red account. To avoid stories that touch, do these:

  1. Set a Budget

You know already that one who fails to plan has planned to fail. For you not to be caught in the web – set a budget! Whether you’ve saved up earlier in the year or you chose to spend from your December earnings, you need a budget and plan that can give you the fun time you deserve at the best price. 

2. Be on the lookout for discounts

December is a time when many businesses are closing for the year and do not mind doing flash sales, Black Friday, offering free coupons and shopping cards, buy-one-get-one-free sales, and others. So, be on the lookout for discounts from that shopping mall, musical show, beach or resort centres you’ll love to visit, to enjoy maximum fun – all within your budget.  

3. Avoid impulse shopping

You might have been a victim of this – well… many of us have! Imagine going to shop with some friends and you want to buy the same attire just to “feel among.” Hmmmm. This might not be a good idea. Of a truth, you will see many beautiful dresses and shoes – be wise while buying.

4. Don’t borrow money for not-too-important reasons

Detty December is only for fun and relaxation. If you must do it, let it be within your means! Borrowing for non-essentials like clothes, shoes, bags, throwing a party, travelling for fun and lots more could be a wrong move. It is impossible to attend all the shows, buy all the clothes, visit all the resorts – choose what would be worth it. It is advisable you save up instead of taking a loan for things you can do without for the time being.

5. Save for January

Hehehehe! Many times you tend to forget that January has 31 days which sometimes seem like three months especially when you don’t have money… Lol. Don’t be caught off-guard – Save! After outlining your budget for the fun December, save for January o… You can lock some money in a Fixed Deposit or anywhere you are sure could make the money untouchable till January. 

6. Enjoy your Leisure

Don’t be caught napping when others are having fun this year. You can go experience African Art at the Nike Centre for Art and Culture, brave the Longest Canopy Walkway in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Centre, and take a trip to Takwa Bay, Epe Mangroves, plan a get-together or house party and lots more. Whichever one you choose to spend on, have fun!

What are your plans for a funfilled December? Chilling out, throwing a house party or tripping out of town? Think COVID-19 could slow things down? Please share with us in the comment session.

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