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Meet Aunty Ada, the analogue businesswoman

My name is Ada. I am a forty-something-year-old businesswoman. I like to see myself as young and hippy but if you could describe anything—better yet, anyone—as analogue that would well be me – at least for those that really know me. Yes, I know it’s a bit conflicting, but I will explain. 😊

My friends are usually younger people but I have dealt more in business with older folks. My younger friends influence my fashion sense and whatnots but I think my older friends have bigger influence on my business side. Do I have a split personality? Well… maybe. 😜

I am one of those people that would rather buy from a physical store than online. Call me old school all you want, but I have my reservations. If any gbege happens, I would simply walk into the store to air my complaint, maybe cause kasala for them and get my money back. LOL. Also, I am one of those people that would rather pay cash than use any of these online payment options. If my money hangs in transit nko? I don’t like stories that touch o. No, I don’t! Call me paranoid or say it is the influence of the oldies – na you sabi. The brick and mortar approach works well for me.

These preferences certainly reflect on my business side. I sell clothing materials in my store at Tejuosho, Yaba. And one-on-one sales is the way I know businesses best work. Sincerely, I don’t understand how those that say they sell online do it – some even sell online only and nowhere else. You know, I am one of those people that believe that if a thing is not broken – or at least if the damage is not much, there is no need fixing it. So, since ‘e’ became like pure water, I have been unsold. I know digital—aka ‘going e’—is an alternative to staying traditional – or old  school, but as I said already, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

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Okay… that was me before March 2020 this year sha. Right now, if you say I am a whole new being, you’d be right. I literally had a 360° change of opinion but it did not happen out of my volition. It was COVID-19! When markets were shut and the entire country went on a lockdown – and market was not moving, I had a change of mind. My income was locked down too! My tough stance against ‘e’ met a timely death and I thought hard about selling online too!

‘e’, in the form of Paylink, came to my rescue when I scanned social media for the tricks to selling online in Nigeria at an affordable cost. After surveying many other options, I settled for Paylink. I had earlier converted my personal IG page for business purposes and so I became a frontline supporter of e-business. Who wouldn’t? Many of my customers were there already anyway. I moved some of my wares home as soon as we were allowed to reopen our shops for a few hours on some days of the week.

Beyond my entanglement with a physical shop – which I now combine with Paylink, my love relationship with Paylink has come with so many benefits:

  1. The ease of getting money – a simple link, customised to my brand name is all I need to receive money.
  2. My business is positioning for greater things. Ask me why… It’s because I have all my income organised in such a way that I don’t struggle to know who pays me, what and when. It would count if I want to get a loan or an investment. My biz don go pro!
  3. Oh my! The Paylink Store works more than magic! My Tejuosho shop now lives on my phone – in the Paylink store. I can even easily monitor as my goods deplete, without manually counting every time.
  4. Sometimes, some customers buy a lot and write me cheques. You know that experience of going to the bank and queuing? Naaaah. Who even wants to do that in a pandemic? Never again! Now I provide them with other payment options like USSD, Internet Banking and Debit Cards.
  5. Impressive customer service – with Paylink, the saying, “Customer is king” comes alive!
  6. Credibility – this is one of the reasons I opted for Paylink actually. Powered by Remita, a longstanding brand that has great credibility, I am convinced that my transactions are in safe hands. And erm… dem no go run with my money.


Your testimony could be similar to Aunty Ada’s – whose story is to give you a glimpse of what’s possible with Paylink. Make Paylink your reality too, CLICK HERE.

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