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How to tell compelling brand stories on social media

In 2020, there were 3.6 billion social media users worldwide! Nigeria alone had more than 25 million of this number. That is a world of possibilities – too huge to be ignored! Overlooking the potential of social media and its impact on your business in this age might be similar to committing oneself to the noose.

Smart businesses understand that the marketplace is ever-evolving and that great content is the differentiator. At the heart of all great contents is remarkable storytelling – a unique art through which an intended message is brought alive.

Building an indelible brand on social media involves telling your stories in an enthralling manner. And that is where the challenge lies – figuring out the best way to tell your brand story.

To reposition your brand, market your solution and services as well as develop a deeper relationship with your audience, you should explore a few strategies.

Ready to know them? Then leggo…

1. Know Your Audience

J.K. Rowling once said: “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” This means you can create the best stories in the world, but if your potential customers do not get the message, the effort may be wasted.

Hence, you have to understand who your audience are first. This is vital to design and create compelling stories. You can do this by collecting data about your customers through interviews, online forms, media platform, research and analytics.  

2. Connect stories with your goals

Your short and long-term business goals must be concise and specific even before drafting a content schedule or developing your stories on social media. All posts on your social media platforms should therefore point to these goals, to aid in evaluating the success or failure of your social media presence overtime. 

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3. Don’t just sell; building relationships

Would you marry someone immediately after the first date? I guess your answer is “no”. In the same way, customers are unlikely to purchase your goods or services after seeing just one social media post. There is a need to steadily groom and draw them in to achieve long-lasting relationship.  

Therefore, create stories that relate to your brand and, at same time, useful to your target audience. For instance, a laundry business can create content around care of certain clothing materials. Remember, you’re talking to human beings — try to personalise your story.

4. Show, don’t tell

Use descriptive words to create an image or paint a scenario in the mind of your audience. Videos in sync with catchy titles and teaser would also perform the magic in a matter of seconds. Apps like KineMaster, Canva and InShot are relevant in this regard. Since you only have a few seconds to get your message across, why not make it as clear and inviting as possible.

5. Be Authentic

Tell your own story. Of course, you’re allowed to gather ideas from others but being authentic is a key aspect of storytelling. You can be “real” and reach more audience when you engage them on Facebook Live, Instagram Live. Another reason is that both platforms rank live videos higher in the News Feed when they are live than after they end.

6. Use Hashtags             

Hashtags enable you to collate other people’s stories in your community. Aside creating new hashtag to tell stories about your business, you can tap into a trending hashtag to share your brand story. It doesn’t always have to be a viral hashtag but ensure that the hashtag is relevant and appropriate for your brand.

7. Use social tools

Utilise the social media tools or apps at your disposal – many of which are free to download and easy to use. Instagram story, Snapchat story, Facebook story, even Twitter story (aka Fleet) make it easy to create content. Each platform allows you to create real-time videos with multiple filters options and effects. Also, use social media scheduling TOOLS to maintain a constant flow of storytelling content on all of your social media platforms.

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It is true that not all social media platforms will work for your brand. Carefully select the ones that work and begin to tell mind-blowing stories. Did you find this useful? Kindly share your thoughts.   

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