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How Paylink brought Oyingbo market to my doorstep

By Segun, a Paylink user

Few days ago, we reviewed feedback from some of the customers who have patronised Paylink merchants and have decided to share with you one of the fascinating stories.

Read below the intriguing experience of Segun and how we brought Oyingbo market to his doorstep.

Grab a seat and enjoy… Wait… Grab your Popcorn too. 😃

It was a sunny Friday morning when I woke up with uncontrollable cravings for egusi soup and amala.

You know those weird cravings that make people around you think you are pregnant. Immediately, I whispered to my wife, who fortunately shared the same vision. Craving, I meant. LOL.

Immediately, we headed to the kitchen to do the needful, only to find out that we had run out of stock of most of the ingredients to prepare this delicacy. At that moment, it felt like a shattered dream. 😭

Suddenly, it struck me that I had seen a video on my Instagram feed of a young lady advertising her food stuff store on Paylink.

We can’t deny the fact that Covid-19 has brought about a whole new experience and approach to the way we interact, do business and live generally as a people.

Not to bore you with long stories, I visited her PAYLINK STORE and ordered yam flour, locust beans, egusi, crayfish, catfish, chili pepper and even added ofada rice. Before now, we would have needed to physically visit Oyingbo market to purchase all these items as it’s not too far from our neighbourhood.

Snapshot of ShawttyNatt’s Paylink Store

Bearing in mind that my wife and I, just like many other Nigerians, have continued observing the stay-at-home order and only go out when it is very important (with our face masks and hand sanitisers of course), Paylink has helped in bridging the gap and brought Oyingbo market closer to our doorstep. Shout out to Shawttynatt Foods.

Need I mention that my order was delivered in no time and that my wife and I had such a dream-come-true meal that we still talk about the experience till today! We’d surely be patronising Shawttynatt again.


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