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Get your Money without Worries!

Getting your money from a friend you lent some bucks or from a customer who’s not paying for products or services you already provided can be really frustrating. No matter who is concerned, you have an obligation and in fact a right to collect the money you’re owed. It is however important that you maintain a balance between sustaining friendship, good customer relationships and letting people see the need to pay in due time.

What then are the best ways to ask for your money, that increase your chances of getting paid? Here are few tips below.

  • Ask Politely

Yes it’s your money but your friend or customer might have honestly forgotten about the debt, so a gentle reminder is certainly not out of place. Simply send a message like: “Guess you’ve forgotten about paying for the lashes you got from our store last week. Kindly send through my Paylink.” Don’t go with “Where is my money!?!” Also note that the sooner you ask for your money, the less uncomfortable it will be.

  • Provide easy payment options

Offering various payment options to the person owing will greatly increase your chances of getting paid especially if it’s someone who’s actually trying to play games. You don’t have to request an ‘inconvenient’ physical meeting to collect cash even if you handed out the money in cash. Ask them to pay through convenient payment channels like USSD,  Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking, Phone Number, Debit/Credit Card, etc. – all of which are available on Paylink. You’ll receive the money instantly. No stories.

  • Offer flexible payment plan

If the person opens up and says reason for delayed payment is non-affordability to pay at once, you can agree with them to split the payment over an agreed period of time. You can explore asking them to easily set up standing order payments to you on Remita. This will help you recover your fund without much fuss. With Paylink, you can easily create periodic e-invoices and share with them to pay based on agreed payment plan.

  • Present your business side  

You know how you can be reluctant to ask family or friends to pay up when they buy on credit? That is why Paylink has the e-invoice feature which allows you request payment from anybody and at any time without the seemingly embarrassing “Where is my money?” Just input the amount they owe you, what the money is meant for, the payer’s phone number, email address and you send your request. They will get an official invoice from you that would present you as a serious business person who needs to get paid.

  • Ask in good time

Remember: the longer you take to ask for your money, the more hectic it becomes to get paid. Do not feel bad to ask for your money when due, soon after lending or offering a service for it.

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So, tell us about how you have managed your debtors in the past. Hope police no enter the matter.  Please share in the comment section.

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