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Be like Tolu! Creatively get ‘dashed’ money this festive season

You are likely one of those people that practise and practise before they can ask anyone for money when you need a little lift. Even on top all the practise sef, you go still fall hand big time!

It does not matter if it is a family member or a friend in the abroad you are asking for ‘Christmas money’🙂. You just don’t know how to ask from friends and family who would be more than willing to lend a hand once they know you’re going through a rough patch.

Here is a short story to ginger you to be more creative in your asking this season 😂.

During festive seasons like this, Tolu’s house is where to be! Everyone everywhere comes home and the house bubbles to the highest heavens. Plenty food, uncapped fun, never-ending gist, a stream of visitors, cousins, nieces, nephews – everybori. And of course, many loaded uncles and aunties.

Somehow somehow after all the jollification, everyone goes with bursting pockets except Tolu. Well… blame his shy personality – e nor fit open mouth talk wetin him want. He is one of those people who would rather let a thing rot inside them than tell anyone. Ehn o… it does not matter if he suffers in silence or, according to Fela, if he is suffering and smiling.

Anyway, all that was before Tolu broke free. So, last Christmas, his parent’s house came alive again. As usual, everyone was home. Now smarter and with some personal projects on his mind, Tolu took the first two days to profile his uncles and aunties, to identify their favourite social media platforms and other means of communication.

As soon he got what he needed to know, a confident smile enveloped his face. People just dey wonder: “Wetin dey sup with Tolu?” Till the day in the sitting room amid plenty banter, many phones buzzed with the same notifications around the same time.

Uncle Jide, the investment banker, was the first to receive – on his dearly beloved LinkedIn account; followed by Aunty Rita who rushed off to Twitter to see her latest mention. For Aunty Sade, it was a WhatsApp message; for Uncle Ayo, it was Facebook; Aunty Tolani thought it was a DM from an admirer on Instagram. Uncle Chuks thought it was a credit alert!

LOL. They had received Tolu’s customised payment link – something like (Well… if your name is Tolu, you can still grab this one).

Tolu’s dad, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), got an email… Hahahaha

That single link raked Tolu the highest money among his peers last year and crowned him as the “tech star” of the family.

Moral of the story: Be like Tolu. Be creative. Share a Paylink to get dashed some good money this festive season. Sending your account number is boring and does not have any swag. Turn things up with your customised Paylink!

To let your Paylink speak for you, SIGN UP now. (Don’t worry you can thank us later 😂).

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