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8 Social Media Marketing Tips for your Business

Indeed, times have changed.

Once upon a time, the only way to shop was to visit an open market where you would move from one store to another to get the perfect fit at the best price.

Today, with the increased adoption of social media and other business technology tools, the marketplace is both in physical locations and digital stores on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and such other platforms. This new marketplace, with its almost endless stream of resources, easily connects buyers with sellers and breaks the barriers of location and time.

Being an online merchant, even if you also own a physical location, means there is a whole world of benefits you can derive if you maximise the online marketplace. These few tips can help you better sell your products and services on social media:  

  • Use the most suitable social media platform for your type of business

Is this really a social media marketing tip? Oh yes!

Imagine a catfish seller opening a LinkedIn account for her business. Let’s allow that simmer for a while… LOL! Know where your customers are and show up for them right there.

Find out the best social media platform for your line of business, how to set up your pages and display your products and services, as well as how to generally maximise the platform. As much as you need to learn from others, be unique! 

  • Add price tags to your caption

The usual “send a DM for price” is no longer appealing.

Is it a shoe? Then tell your customers the type of shoe, available sizes and even color. Remember to describe your products and services in simple words for them to decide if they will buy or walk away. This increases your chances of getting more sales and saves your time.  

  • Use product reviews

This right here is one of your best plugs. Show, not just tell, your success using positive reviews from your customers. This builds your brand trust and credibility and encourage prospective customers to buy from you and even recommend others.

  • Adopt reliable business tech tools and platforms

Your marketing efforts can attract more buyers but easy-to-use payment options and top-class customer service support will keep them. Do not fret. You have the right solution: Paylink gives you a customised link that directs your customers to pay you easily at any time. You also get to set up your online store where you upload products and services. SIGN UP on Paylink today to support your social media marketing efforts and grow your business.

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  • Build Business Network

Don’t be an “online island”. Build networks within and beyond your industry to scale your business. Follow and like interesting relevant posts from other people, and comment where necessary. Your next customer might be in the comment section of another person’s post. Don’t shy away!

  • Be mindful of your page aesthetics

Do you know that the beauty of your social media page is a form of marketing? Choosing the right colours, photos, videos and logo design goes a long way. Also, interesting and engaging posts attract prospective customers and increase brand loyalty.

  • Promote your business on social media

You may not be able to advertise your business on billboards, in newspapers and the likes but you can easily do so on social media. You can advertise on Facebook or Instagram for as low as N1,000. Simply have a budget for your social media ads and optimise your promotions by targeting the right audience with quality content.

  • Review your pages periodically

Now that your business is booming, don’t forget to review often. Carry out creative changes from time to time to retain your customers’ attention and attract more. Also, get your business rolling by reviewing what you’ve done right and how you can improve them this year.

What other tips do you think will be helpful? Let’s know in the comment section. Remember to SIGN UP on Paylink today.

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