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7 Email Marketing Tips you Need to Sell

“All I need to increase brand awareness and sales is simply to send mails every day of the week.” – Lori iro!

“I work in my church’s finance department. I can ask Sister Blessing to send me the email addresses of our church members so I can advertise my product.” – Iro po!

“I will list and explain in details all that my product can do in a single mail. I believe people will rush the 10 wonders black soap, because eeehn, it is one in town.” Iro repete!

“I don’t have to worry about my email subject o jare.  The body of the newsletter and quality of product that I’m offering is what matters.” Iro nla!

The scenarios above indicate that not many business managers understand the concept of email marketing. E get as e be. Maybe you are even one of them. We have however curated some tips to help you get it right and upscale your business.👇🏾

  • Build your email list in line with global standards

When building your email list, ensure that you focus on your target market. You should stay compliant with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation that was created to serve as a guideline for how data should be used.

You are only permitted to send emails to people who have actively subscribed to your specific service (You now see why you shouldn’t ask Sis Blessing for random email addresses of your church members😄). You should also make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe from your email list.

  • Optimise the best days of the week and time

Statistics has shown that the best days of the week to send emails are Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday. To further optimise these days, we advise that you send mails either at 10am, 2pm or from 8pm-midnight. This is because, these days and times of the week have consistently recorded higher open and click-through-rate (CTR) compared with other days.

  • Use Catchy😃 subject lines

Bad subject lines are one of the major reasons emails do not get opened. Be specific with your subject line. Give your subscribers a reason to open your email but keep it short and simple.

  • Use the PRSC formula

Your subscribers get hundreds of emails daily so they barely have the time to read all.  Hence, you need the Personalise, Relatable, Short, and Clear (PRSC) formula. This helps you get and retain recipients’ attention. You must take your time to research, create relevant and personalised messaging that will not take so much of your readers’ time.

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  • Graphics are important too!

Do not overwhelm your readers with a bunch of words. Include graphics, picture and even videos! Many people do not have the time to read embedded mails but nice graphics or pictures will pass your message in less time😁.

  • Always include Call-to-Action

What do you want your readers to do after reading your mail? Buy from you? Follow your social media platforms? Whatever it is, make it clear in the body of your mail and make sure they can easily carry out that action by clicking a link in the body of your mail.

  • Integrate your social media platforms

Integrating social media with your email marketing efforts is key to successful and effective marketing. You can add your business social media accounts to the body of your mail for recipients to easily explore your offerings and support your business. You can also allow recipients to share certain pieces of the email or the entire email among their networks. This is a very important, yet simple step that can yield you good results.

Do not miss out!

  • Data analysis

Always make sure to check the statistics of your email campaign. This helps you know what is working, what is not and what could be done differently.

We hope you had a nice read and you are ready to try out our email marketing tips😁. Let us know what you think in the comment section 👇🏾

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