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7 +1 amazing payment options your customers can enjoy on Paylink

Wait! Do you own a business and intend to keep credit alerts rolling in while maintaining the smile on your customers’ faces because paying you is easier than ABC? Then, don’t scroll past this post; we’ve got amazing news for you!  

Before we begin, let’s take you down memory lane… or should we say, “history lessons”? 🙂

Once upon a time, trade by barter reigned in commerce – it was the simple method of doing business before notes and coins came. You’d exchange your commodity for another. Then, things metamorphosed into exchanging products and services for cash, and eventually through electronic means.

Although ours is still a cash-led economy, businesses like yours are now beginning to provide customers with diverse online and offline payments options.

So, whether you have an online store to display your items or you just send electronic invoices or payment links to your customers, you can offer these 8 seamless, secure and easy-to-use payment options to your customers so you can receive your money faster.

1. Debit or Credit Card

With a debit or credit card from any bank, your customers can easily pay you on Paylink. So seamless and straightforward, plus you get the Paylink advantage of getting your money in just a few minutes and not hours later or the next day.

2. Bank Account

Paylink offers your customers the easy option of securely accessing any of their accounts across different banks to make payment to you. Straight. Simple.


Your customers get to choose their bank’s unique code from a list of codes displayed. Dialing this code from their phone, as if they want to make a phone call and completing the next few steps, gets their payments straight to your account. Voila!

4. Internet Banking

With this payment option, your customers—registered for Internet banking with their banks—simply use their secured personal “PIN” or hard token to pay for your products or services.

5. Wallets

Some people prefer to keep a stash of money in their online wallet from where they can conveniently choose to spend. If you have customers like this, then smile because they can easily choose their wallet from the available options, provide their details, and the specified amount moves from their wallet to your account. Dazzall!

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6. Phone Number

Easy! They just type the phone number linked to their bank accounts, follow the next few steps and gbam! You receive your payment.

The most exciting part of the gist: You don’t need to waste time looking for how to get these payment options integrated with your business, just SIGN UP on Paylink now.

7. Bank Branch

Though it has become a lot easier to securely do banking transactions without visiting a banking hall, there are times when this is inevitable. Even at such times, your customers can easily make payments to you from any bank branch. Yes. Any bank branch in Nigeria and the money would hit your account in any bank in just a few minutes. In short, Paylink has brought you to the big stage and no stories or hiding place for anyone who needs to pay you.

Here’s an extra payment option on Paylink for you:

8. Remita

Your customers with registered Remita profile can pay you by inputting their Remita details in the required fields. No stress, no wahala.

Want to know what more you can do on Paylink? Sign in HERE to explore.

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